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Thunderfist, The Monarchs

Friday, June 15, 2018

8:00 pm


This event is 21 and over

'Thunderfist' (self-titled) was recorded over the winter of 2011 in the studio of the illustrious Michael J Sasich. This album was recorded in Salt Lake City, Utah (USA). This is the home of many bad reality shows about sister wives and backwards religious fanatics. Nobody in Thunderfist is a religious fanatic. We are all proud worshippers of Krom and Beer, and we bow to no man. We also have awesome beards. This album was made with vintage Marshall amplifiers and Les Paul guitars. Getting the sounds where they felt right took so long that we recorded the album twice, (no lie) and had to hustle our fat asses to get it done. What came of it is a proud collection of songs about everything from how we don't like Eskimo pussies being cold ('Eskimo Pussy is Mighty Cold') relationship songs ('None of Your Business') and the epic tale of ALL of our favorite dragon and sword quest movies wrapped into one ('The Wizard's Lament) On the Wizard's song there is a Horn of Gondor and a reference to Monty Python, in the SAME fucking song! Wild! Anyway, here is a little bit about us..
Most of Thunderfist hails from the West Desert of Utah. We grew up riding motorcycles, fixing cars, and being harassed by rednecks. We were later embraced by the rednecks as we were the only connection in town for LSD. Hicks on drugs became the center point for a lot of Thunderfist parties. We started a band to keep ourselves interesting to the ladies, and here we are, 14 years later, still getting it done. The song 'Cut and Run' is about this. Metal Mick Mayo has never seen the same vagina twice, and he refuses to stop until he has a deviated septum and has to have cocaine blown up his asshole like Stevie Nicks. He is pretty close to this right now. I give him two years..
So, you now have a bit of information about us. We put on one fucker of a show and we don't stop until the lights are turned off and the PA is unplugged. We love it loud, we're proud, and Deeth Starr is well endowed. When we play 'Hit the Bottle Again' it is no joke. 'All fucked up, we're all fucked up tonight.." pretty much hits it on the head. Thank you for listening to the album. And if you want some pictures of us doing fucked up shit check out our page!
The Monarchs
The Monarchs
Venue Information:
Urban Lounge
241 South 500 East
Salt Lake City, UT, 84102