Secret Drum Band

S&S Presents

Secret Drum Band

Sam Humans, it foot, it ears, Lord British

Sunday, March 25, 2018

8:00 pm


This event is 21 and over

Secret Drum Band
Secret Drum Band
Secret Drum Band is a percussion ensemble based in Portland, Oregon. Lisa Schonberg started the band in 2006 as a experimental quartet for Ladyfest Olympia. Allan Wilson, formerly of !!! (chk chk chk), co-directs the ensemble. Driven by four drummers, each song also employs an array of affected vocals, guitar, and synthesizers from noise musicians, often mimicking sounds found in nature. Our touring lineup features percussionists Schonberg, Wilson, Zanny Geffel (The Cabin Project) and Anthony Brisson (Psychomagic), and ambient musician Sam Humans (Orquestra Pacifico Tropical). Secret Drum Band's performances on their 2018 national tour will feature works from their 2017 full length release, Dynamics, as well as brand new compositions that Schonberg composed in response to soundscapes and ant acoustics in the Brazilian Amazon.

Stylistically, Secret Drum Band pull from a unique vantage point, drawing allusions from Liquid Liquid, The
Creatures, and Crash Worship, as well as the composers’ previous groups Explode Into Colors and !!! (chk
chk chk). Dynamics is a vibrant work of serious intent, expertly rendered with a playfully exuberant spark. The album’s eight tracks were written in response to locations in the Mojave Desert, logging sites in Mount Hood National Forest in Oregon, and Hawai’i, where Schonberg’s entomology work has helped the native Hylaeus bees attain endangered species status. "Kīpukapuaulu’s" vibrant polyrhythmic cadences insinuate an endless vortex of bird calls, while the cacophonous tension of "Jazz (Timber Sale)" simultaneously evokes the complexity of the forest flora and the anxiety of approaching logging trucks. “For us, music is the most publicly effective (and personally healing) vehicle to make statements about environmental issues,” adds Schonberg. Secret Drum Band’s live performances are transportive, an opportune meditation on the relationships between humans, ecology and music. All pieces are carefully scored by Schonberg and Wilson, allowing each musician to realize the complex and intricate arrangements in a live setting. Dynamics aptly captures this concentrated effort, allowing sharp details to roar within the thunder of the drums.

Lisa Schonberg was born in 1977 in Staten Island, NY and lives and works in Portland, OR. She is a
percussionist, composer, writer, teacher and environmental activist. She earned her Masters
in Environmental Studies at the Evergreen State College with a focus on ant biodiversity
in the Neotropics. She integrates her interests through creative documentation of soundscapes insects
and habitat with the goal of drawing attention to issues concerning endangered species, habitat loss,
and other environmental issues. Lisa’s place¬-based compositions are performed by her percussion and
noise ensemble Secret Drum Band and in solo performance. She has presented her research in the
illustrated publications The Hylaeus Project, Fieldguided and her instructional book The DIY Guide to
Drums. Through her work Lisa has strived to build connections between artists and ecologists and inspire
conversation and action. Lisa has researched and documented the endangered bees of Hawaii, logging in Mount Hood National Forest, and ant acoustics in the Amazon. She has presented work at the Portland Art Museum, Pompidou, Time Based Arts Festival, and Henry Gallery, and has been featured in The Paris Review, American Airlines Magazine, West Hawaii Today, The New York Times, The Oregonian, Bandcamp Daily, and Tom Tom Magazine.

DJ Yolo Biafra. Allan Wilson/Yolo Biafra came up in the musical hotbed of Sacramento's early 90s punk scene. Charmed as much by disco, pop and hip-hop as by punk's noise attack, he and his friends formed seminal dance-punk machine !!! (chk chk chk). During his last years with the band, he stepped into the role of official afterparty DJ, playing in Australia, Europe, Asia, Mexico, and in cities and festivals all over the US. His mixes have been featured on Vice, Self-Titled Mag, and BBC Radio 1. Allan currently lives in Portland, OR, where he djs disco, funk, hip hop, and house (when he’s allowed).
Sam Humans
Sam Humans
American singer/songwriter and music teacher from Portland, Oregon, currently based in Makawao, Hawaii.
it foot, it ears
it foot, it ears
Lord British
Lord British
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