Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where are you located?

A: The Urban Lounge is located on 241 S. and 500 E. in Salt Lake City. We are on the east side of the street between Rye Diner & Drinks and The Salt Lake City Bicycle Company.

Q: Where can I park?

A: We have a few parking spaces directly in front of our venue and a small lot behind our building (east). If these fill up, we recommend parking at the public spaces along 200 S. DO NOT PARK in the IHC’s lot directly south of us. They are very strict and will tow your vehicle.

Q: If I’m under the age of 21 and want to see a show, is there anyway I can still get in if I promise not to drink any alcohol?

A: No. Unfortunately, Utah’s liquor laws make it illegal for us to allow anyone under the age of 21 to enter our venue even with some form of alcohol purchasing restriction (a mark on the hand, wristbands, etc.). No exceptions. Most of our employees underwent the same torture, t00. Write your congressmen!

Q: Do you sell physical tickets / have a box office?

A: We do not have a box office. All tickets are available online-only prior to the show date. If the concert has not sold out in advance, we will sell tickets at the door once we open. All day-of purchases must be cash only. ATM available inside.

Q: What time does my show start?

A: Set times are different almost every night and usually depend on the number of artists performing. Typically, our doors open at 8PM and the music begins around 9PM. If there are three bands performing, for example, you can expect the concert to end around midnight. We are a late-night club.

Q: Where’s the seating?

A: We are a standing venue. Although we occaisonally host seated events, we strongly encourage crowd participation for all of our performers. For those who need a rest, we have two long benches in our back patio, a handful of tall tables inside, and five booths (available for reservation). If you have a physical disability or a special circumstance which requires designated seating, contact management and we will be happy to reserve something for you.

Q: Can I smoke?

A: We have a back patio open for those who need to smoke. However, it is against the law to smoke (or vape) once you are inside.

Q: I have tickets on Will Call / Guest list. Where can I pick them up?

A: When you show your ID to the door staff, let them know that you have will call tickets or are on the guest list and they will be able to let you in. In case of any potential issue, make a note of what site you used for Will Call tickets or the source of your guest list spot so that we can track it down for you as quickly as possible.

Q: I purchased tickets but will no longer be able to attend. Can I get a refund or give my tickets to someone else?

A: All tickets are non-refundable, unless the event itself is cancelled. If you would like to have someone go in your stead, email them your original confirmation email + the tickets and our door staff will assist them.

Q: I had tickets to a show that cancelled! Can I get a refund?

A: Yes, TicketFly will automatically refund your money within five business days of the cancellation.

Q: I lost my ID/credit card/cell phone/ jacket/ etc. When can I come pick it up?

A: All lost items can be picked up at our location at any time after 8PM on the nights which we are open. We are not responsible for any items that are left behind or cannot be reclaimed.

Q: How do I book a date at your venue?

A: All booking related questions can be directed to Will Sartain at Contacting options and sound samples are appreciated.