Nicola Cruz

S&S Presents

Nicola Cruz

Typefunk, Audioflo

Thursday, May 25, 2017

8:00 pm

$10 ADV / $15 DOS

This event is 21 and over

Nicola Cruz
Nicola Cruz
The Ecuadorian producer Nicola Cruz launches his debut album 'Ignite the Soul' through ZZK Records, on October 30, 2015. After his collaborations with Nicolas Jaar, the and his Clown & Sunset label, Nicola has recorded and produced the album emblem.

"Prender el Alma" it is part of a new strain of Latin American music that Nicola entitled 'Andes Step.' Influenced by the new digital technology and folk roots, mixed with local heritage, Nicola layer by layer builds his songs, instrument by instrument, drum drum, exploring local cosmologies, indigenous and Afro influences from a modern framework.

From the atmospheric intro "Sanación" the 10 track album navigates through short and sharp guitar riffs in "Puente Roto" and the percussive "La Mirada" electronic "Prender el Alma." The relaxed 'Equinox' receives voices of the Ecuadorian singer Huaira, ending with the beautiful and lo-fi "Cocha Runa," which is invited to Tanya Sanchez. "Prender el Alma" ebbs and flows through the production with local sounds, much so as a musical awakening.

This revolution of the new folklore is expanding throughout Latin America like wildfire, and no place is more exciting than the heart of the continent of this bustling music scene, where Nicola Cruz leads the way.

Guided by producers and musicians open-minded, Ecuador is beginning to experience their own digital folk revolution. A new crop of producers and musicians are using their native traditions and rhythms to build a vibrant history of visual and sound art, firing it into the 21st century.
Typefunk (Yokchi Chang) is the co-founder of Nightfreq. As a worldwide tastemaker and Head of visual marketing for Nighfreq, Typefunk oversees all artists bookings, and event planning for Nightfreq events while always digging for the future night frequencies.

A lover of music and a visionary in his own right, Type “Do What You Love” Funk sees no obstacles in his path, creatively problem-solving as he approaches every situation with compassion and an open mind. Typefunk's commitment to increasing visibility for good music and educating the public is achieved through the monthly events that Nightfreq has achieved since 2009.

When Typefunk hits the stage you can expect to hear styles, melodies and rhythms slipping the grid and blurring beautifully into one another. Grounded in hip-hop but equally comfortable wandering further afield, the effect is immersive and progressive, with timeless sounds wrapped around future-soul/funk, disco, jazz, bass, house, and gauzy electronics.

Ecuador Guayaquil is his home town. Typefunk also plays shows under the USER alias, Stay tune for mixtapes and shows thanks for the support!
Venue Information:
Urban Lounge
241 South 500 East
Salt Lake City, UT, 84102